Workers Compensation

Advanced Orthopaedics has seen virtually every type of work related injury over the years and we understand that not only is the right treatment important, but the right administrative procedures are equally important.

We examine the injured worker to determine the most effective, appropriate and cost conscious treatment plans so that our patients gain optimal functional capability and a safe and healthy return to work. Part of our treatment plan may also be suggestions about what type of work would be suitable once the patient returns to their job. For example, if an injury is due to repetitive use as opposed to a single incident accident, work activity may have to be changed or require a retraining program for a position that would accommodate the injury. Dr. Foglar’s timely and expertly written reports meet all legal criteria and are a crucial part of resolving the injury in a manner that provides the patient and employer with a satisfactory conclusion.

Our staff is familiar with the rules and regulations governing Workers’ Compensation services and provides a liaison to the referring physician, case managers and adjusters allowing for better care and continuity of care as a return to work is facilitated. It’s all part of our effort to raise the level of case handling.