Deformity Correction

There are many reasons that bones may become deformed. Some are congenital or birth conditions, others may stem from abnormal growth during childhood, and still others are the result of healing in a deformed position after a fracture. Typically, bones become deformed in four ways: a bend in the bone (angulation), a twist in the bone(rotation or torsion ), a shift in the position of the bone after a fracture or osteotomy (translation or displacement), or a difference in the length of a bone compared with the other side. With powerful new correction tools and computer analysis which allows us to project and plot the best course of action, even the most severe deformities can be corrected. Some corrections are accomplished all at once, while others are a gradual process. Although many patients have a single deformity, often there are several different types that occur simultaneously. Advanced Orthopaedics offers patients the latest advances as well as years of experience and successful outcomes to complex conditions.